For Consumers

How to find a medical provider

Before you go to the doctor or other health care provider, make sure they're included in your health plan's network of providers. Your health plan's provider directory of in-network doctors, hospitals and other types of health care providers is available through the insurance company's website or a printed copy is available upon request.

In-network providers

  • Visit your health insurance company's website and search for their provider directory connected to your plan (some plans call it "find a doctor" or "find a provider").
  • Call your doctor's office or health care provider's billing office to double check that they accept your plan.
  • Call your health insurance company to ask about specific providers. You can find the phone number on your insurance card and on your insurer's website.

Out-of-network providers

An out-of-network provider is a medical provider that is not listed in your health plan's provider directory and is not covered under your health plan's "in-network benefits."

Be sure to call your health insurance company to find out what out-of-network charges you will have to pay if you see a doctor or medical provider not in your plan's network.