For Producers

Do you need a license?

It’s important to understand whether you need a Washington state insurance license so you avoid possible fines and enforcement actions.  

You can contact our producer licensing team if you have any questions or are unsure if you need a license.  

When you need a license 

You need an insurance license if you are involved in transacting insurance, including soliciting, selling or negotiating insurance contracts. 

Soliciting (advertising) 

You will need to be licensed if you: 

  • Attempt to get someone to purchase an insurance policy with a company 
  • Initiate sales over the phone, internet or social media 
  • Advertise insurance companies or their policies 


Without a license you cannot: 

  • Distribute information about coverages or rates in general or for any particular policy, unless that information is publicly available 
  • Complete or sign applications for insurance 
  • Make or propose an insurance contract 
  • Authorize the issuance or delivery of certificates of insurance, endorsements, binders or insurance policies 


Examples of negotiating include: 

  • Discussing or describing the coverages or terms of a proposed insurance contract, as well as advising what coverages to purchase 
  • Discussing the impact of age, health or other risk-related conditions of the prospective policyholder 
  • Collecting premiums in person anywhere other than a place of business 
  • Providing advice or counsel about policy provisions or coverage 

When you don’t need a license 

You can work for an insurance company and not need an insurance license as long as you: 

  • Do not receive a commission on policies written or sold 
  • Your activities are executive, administrative, managerial, clerical or a combination of these 
  • You are only indirectly related to the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance