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Market Conduct oversight and mediation

The insurance commissioner uses Market Conduct oversight to monitor the insurance marketplace in Washington state to ensure that insurance companies comply with state laws and regulations. This is accomplished through working relationships within the agency, the industry, consumer associations, other state and federal regulators, and the insurance companies. This allows the insurance commissioner to find problems and focus on corrections before harming consumers.

The program consists of two units

Market analysis

This unit gathers and analyzes data about the insurance market in general and specific companies at the state and national levels, looking for trends and activities. The unit makes recommendations when possible issues of concern or problems are identified.

Market conduct

This unit works directly with companies on issues referred by the analysis staff, requesting specific information to determine potentially harmful practices to consumers. The unit conducts interviews, interrogatories and examinations, depending on the scope of the issue.


A provisions of the legislation creating the Market Conduct oversight program, requires that the insurance commissioner maintain a panel of pre-approved mediators from which an insurer may choose in the event of a dispute related to market analysis processes and market conduct examinations.

Persons with a least two years of mediation experience, who understand insurance operations or claims handling are invited to apply for inclusion in the agency's approved mediators list. Resumes and fee schedules should be sent to Market Conduct Oversight.

Insurers who wish to engage one of the approved mediators should choose from this list (below) and contact the mediator directly.

Mediators approved by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner



Fee Schedule


Clotilde Eaker

7082 Sandy Cove
Willis, TX 7718

$100 per hour