For Insurers

Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) instructions

The law regarding market conduct annual statements ( requires “Each entity subject to the provisions of this chapter shall file a market conduct annual statement or successor product, in the general form and context, in the time frame required by, and according to instructions provided by the NAIC, for each line of business written in the state of Washington. If a particular line of business does not have an approved market conduct annual statement form, the company is not required to file a report for that line of business until such time as [the] NAIC adopts an annual statement form for that line of business.”

Effective for the 2010 MCAS data year, MCAS filings are being centralized through the NAIC. Filings are no longer submitted to the individual states.

To submit MCAS filings, companies are required to go to the NAIC website ( and download the database and instructions from the NAIC to properly input and format the data that will be submitted to the NAIC.

Questions regarding the Market Conduct Annual Statement should be sent to either NAIC or the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC).