For Producers

Now that you're licensed, what's next?

Congratulations on obtaining your Washington state insurance license!

Knowing and meeting compliance standards is an important first step after becoming licensed. The "If you..." scenarios below will guide you through the requirements and help you avoid any fines or administrative actions.

If you are an individual licensee

Take some time to review these common compliance issues.

If you have a business-entity license

Make sure you’re familiar with these frequent concerns.

Check with other state agencies regarding additional regulations you may need to know about.

If you have a business-entity license as a producer or surplus line broker

You may anticipate undergoing financial exams at some point. Our office will review your books and records, verify that consumers' money has been properly handled, and that you’ve transacted insurance business within the requirements of the law. Some of those requirements are pretty specific – learn about them in our separate premium account section.