For Producers


As a licensed producer, if I place business with an insurer I do not have an appointment with, do I need to do anything other than have an active license?

If you place business with a company that hasn't appointed your license, you'll need to make sure you have a bond in place before you do. See RCW 48.17.250(1) (

  • Non-resident producer or surplus line broker licensees are not required to have a bond.
  • All public adjuster and title business licensees must have a bond, whether a resident or non-resident.

Do I have to buy an individual bond?

If you are affiliated with a business entity (BE), the BE may carry the bond for your producer license. If you belong to an association, the association may carry the bond for the members of the association.

If neither of the above applies, you must obtain an individual bond. See RCW 48.17.250(1), (2) and (6) ( Remember, the bond requirement applies only to resident producer and surplus line broker licensees or all public-adjuster and title-business licensees.

Do I have to file my bond with your office?

No. Bonds do not need to be filed with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC). However, you must retain them in your records and make them available if we request them. See RCW 48.17.250(7) (

Is a bond required before the OIC will issue my license?

What criteria must an association satisfy to offer a bond?

The association must have been in existence for five years, have common membership and have been formed for a purpose other than obtaining a bond. See RCW 48.17.250(2) (

When is a bond required and what is the required amount?

For resident producers acting in a broker capacity:

$2,500 or 5% of the premium for policies placed with an insurer you were not appointed with in the previous calendar year, whichever is greater, up to $100,000. See RCW 48.17.250(1) (

For public adjusters (resident and non-resident):

Both corporate and non-affiliated individuals are required to file a Public Adjusters bond in the amount of $5,000.  The amount does not change with additional affiliates. Note: The bond must be in the name of the licensee.

For resident surplus line brokers:

  • A bond in the favor of the state of Washington for $20,000, and
  • A bond in favor of the people of the state of Washington for a minimum of $2,500 or 5% of the premiums brokered in the previous calendar year, or a maximum of $100,000.

For title businesses (resident and non-resident):