For Consumers

Online services and tools

Below is a comprehensive list the Office of the Insurance Commissioner's (OIC) online services. These services help you conduct business with us and give you access to our regulatory information.

Most popular

Agent, broker and company look-up – Look up an insurance agent, agency or company to find contact information, license status, appointments/affiliations, complaint history, disciplinary orders, tax filings, network access reports and financial statements.

File a complaint against and insurance company or check your complaint status – If you have an issue with an action or decision made by your insurance company, the OIC can require it to provide an explanation and ensure it's followed Washington state laws and your policy. 

File a complaint against an agent, agency or other insurance licensee – The OIC investigates complaints against agents, agencies and other insurance licensees. When appropriate, we take action, such as imposing fines and suspending or revoking a license.

Orders search – Search disciplinary, general orders, and fines issued by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner since 2010.

For consumers

Insurance fraud reporting form – Is someone trying to cheat an insurance company? Use this form to report fraud committed against an insurance company.

Health insurance rate increases search – View rate increases and see how they are reviewed. Sign up to receive an email when a company files a rate request.

Health carrier financial information comparison - View health carrier financial information including revenue, average monthly premium, claims, surplus, and administrative expenses.

Independent review decisions look-up – Search independent review decisions submitted to our office on health insurance claim denials since 2016.  

Life insurance policy finder – Individuals who believe they are beneficiaries, executors or legal representatives of a deceased person can use this form to request help finding benefits from old life insurance policies and annuity contracts.

Continuing Education (CE) providers

Submit course rosters – Submit online rosters, see your list of approved courses or update your contact information.

Insurance producers

Apply for, renew or update your license– First time applicants and returning users can apply for, renew, track status or update their individual or business-entity producer license.  

Print your license – Log in into your account to display and print your license certificates. 

Surplus line brokers file, amend and pay premium taxes – Surplus line broker business entities with active licenses during the tax year can file a premium tax return here. 


Company Complaint Response System (CRS) – Receive and respond to consumer complaints submitted to the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner. 

File, amend and pay premium taxes; pay regulatory surcharge – Insurers licensed to do business in Washington state can file and pay their premium tax and regulatory surcharge.

File financial statements and supplements – Insurance companies, charitable gift annuities, service contract providers, protection product guarantee providers, life settlement providers, home heating fuel service and discount plan organizations can file their annual statements and reports here.

Submit, renew, or cancel appointments or print your appointment certificates – Insurers can log in and submit insurance producer appointments.

Network access reporting – Health insurance carriers can file log in and file network access reports.

Submit new independent review requests and decisions – Health insurance carriers can submit new independent review requests from enrollees for an external independent review.

Independent Review Organizations (IRO) 

Apply as an Independent Review Organization – Entities acting as an IRO in Washington state must register with the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner. 

Submit certification and recertification details – IROs can submit their certification and recertification documents.

Submit independent review decisions – IROs can access assignments and report decisions to the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)

Health Care Benefit Manager registration – HCBM applicants must register with the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

Submit, amend annual filing and pay fees – HCBMs registered with the OIC report their annual gross income, renew their registration and pay fees.