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Natural disasters

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Dealing with insurance claims should not add to the frustration. Get some tips for filing a homeowner or auto claim after a natural disaster, and find out how we can help if you run into trouble. 

Filing a claim

If your home is damaged due to some type of natural disaster, you should take immediate steps to protect it and your possessions from further destruction. Then call your insurance company to get the claims process started as soon as possible.

You may need to file claims with more than one insurance company. Floods and earthquakes are generally not covered under a standard homeowner policy. Damage to vehicles may be covered under your auto policy – even if the damage occurs in a garage or carport. Find out more about filing:

How we can help you

If a natural disaster occurs, even damage from winter weather, we’re here to answer your questions about the claims process. We can also help answer your questions about what to expect after you file a claim, and how to file a complaint against an insurer.

Watch out for scams

Fraudsters often take advantage of the chaos after a disaster, so we urge consumers to verify licenses and check references before hiring contractors and others to make home repairs.

Disaster resources

Washington Military Dept. Emergency Management Division

Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources

Washington State Office of the Governor

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America guidance for wildfire claims

Federal Emergency Management Agency


Suspect fraud?

Coverage you may want to discuss with your agent