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Title agent reporting requirements

Each title agent must report certain data annually to a statistical reporting agent designated by the insurance commissioner. This information must be reported by May 31 of each year.

The designated statistical agent for title insurance is Regulatory Research Corporation. The principal of this firm, Dr. Nelson R. Lipshutz, can be reached at If you have questions about how to submit your report, please contact Dr. Lipshutz for direction.

Title agents can use the following data reporting forms:

Title percentage report form

Title insurance agent reports of affiliated business ownership must be filed annually, by March 15.

If any changes take place after the annual report is filed, the title insurance agent must file the amended report within 15 days using the form below for reporting affiliated business ownership by title insurance agents.

Title agent county declarations 

Title insurance agents must report to the commissioner the county or counties they will do business in and provide proof of ownership for the applicable tract indexes. Proof shall come in the form of real property ownership documents, copies of leases, or other documentation verifying ownership or rights to the applicable tract indexes. Please submit a signed copy of the Title Agent County Declaration Form through our secure contact email with proof of ownership attached.