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Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) assessment report frequently asked questions

Information for Washington health care insurance companies about the required Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) annual assessment report.

What is WSHIP?

WSHIP and its members provide health insurance to all Washington state residents who are denied health insurance because of their medical status or are unable to obtain comprehensive coverage.

Who's considered a WSHIP member?

Washington state Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) members are licensed or registered entities in the state of Washington, and organized as disability insurers, health care service contractors, health maintenance organizations, or issuers that are authorized to issue disability insurance, including stop-loss or health coverage.

What are WSHIP members required to report annually?

The OIC has been assigned to collect information through an electronic report form available for licensed or registered entities to report numbers regarding their enrollee counts and premiums by month during the previous calendar year. Your assessment report submission will also ensure that the OIC has up-to-date information from all WSHIP members.

What does the Office of the Insurance Commissioner do with the information from the assessment report?

We collect this information and remit it to the state WSHIP Pool Administrator (Benefit Management, Inc.). They use this information to determine your prorated assessment obligations for the current year in accordance with RCW 48.41.090.

What happens if a licensed or registered entity does not have any activity to report?

An entity may possibly answer "No" to the first two questions on the electronic form. If this occurs, the company is required to complete the remainder of the assessment report with contact information and any additional responses as required by the report form instructions.

What happens if I cannot find the NAIC company code for my assessment report?

Contact the OIC Company Supervision division to obtain access to the electronic assessment report.

Do I need to submit a report if the licensed or registered entity issues health coverage or stop-loss insurance partially during the year?

Yes, licensed or registered entities are required to report all eligible health care service coverage and stop-loss insurance month by month during the previous calendar year.

What happens if an entity is no longer licensed or registered? Do I need to complete the assessment report?

Yes, entities that are no longer licensed or registered are required to report all eligible health care service coverage and stop-loss insurance month by month during the previous calendar year to determine your prorated assessment obligations.