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Title escrow rate filing requirements (for insurers and agents)

Washington state law requires that all title insurers and title agents file a schedule of their escrow fees. The schedule must clearly state the amounts to be charged for the escrow services, the manner in which the fees are determined, and any additional charges to the consumer that are not included in the total escrow fee.

If you conduct escrow closing involving property located in any county in this state, you must file a schedule of your escrow rates with us. If you conduct escrows in more than one county and have different rates for the different counties, you must file a rate schedule for each county.

Escrow fee filings must be received by the commissioner at least 15 days prior to their effective date.

The escrow rate schedule to be filed must include an effective date which shall be no earlier than 15 days after the schedule has been filed with the commissioner. In establishing your effective date, be sure to include any mailing or delivery time as the schedule is not to be effective until 15 days after the commissioner actually receives the filing.

Please note: Escrow rate schedules are not submitted through System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF).