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Fixed payment policy survey explanation and instructions


RCW 48.43.650  requires the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to file a report with the legislature annually showing specific information about fixed payment policies, as defined in RCWs 48.20.555 and 48.21.375.

The reports are due to our legislature annually by June 1. The survey responses will be due no later than February 28 each year. 

Companies that have either sold, plan to sell or have an approved filing for a fixed payment insurance policy in Washington state will be contacted annually with a letter requesting they submit information about their activities in the fixed payment insurance marketplace.

Companies required to send in the survey must send their responses to us as an Excel spreadsheet using the template provided by our agency. 

This report defines fixed payment policies as illness-triggered fixed payment insurance, hospital confinement fixed payment insurance, or other fixed payment insurance policies where the benefit provided is a fixed dollar amount that is paid regardless of the amount charged. Fixed payment riders attached to any policy type are not included nor are policies typically defined as disability income policies.

Email the information to the address listed in the Washington Fixed Payment Instructions, which are available for download below.  Include the name, email address and phone number of the designated company contact person for this report. Future requests will be sent to this contact person. If this information changes, please notify us at the email address listed above.

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