For Insurers

Registering as a direct primary health care practice

Who must register

All practices that wish to offer direct primary health care services in Washington state, or collect payment based on a monthly membership model, must submit information with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to offer direct practice services as required by Chapter 48.150 RCW.

Direct primary health care provider registrations are only available to providers for primary health care services. Generally, providers of optometry, dental and other similar specialized areas do not offer primary care services and therefore would not be able to register.                

How to register

All direct practice applicants must submit information through our direct primary health care practice submission form.  Your application is not submitted until you complete all steps.

There is no fee. 

Once your submission is approved, you will be notified by email to your primary contact person indicated on the application. After approval, the practice will be registered in our directory of direct practices. 

Renewing your registration

Direct practices are required to annually renew each year. Renewal instructions are emailed to your primary contact person after July 31st of each year. If your email address has changed, you will not be able to receive the renewal materials. Make sure that your email is current and checked regularly. Please contact us if your email address has changed