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Special data calls and surveys

Please reference the survey materials on this page for special data calls from the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Participants responding to a survey should follow instructions they receive through email.  


Washington state Medicare Supplemental insurance survey

As directed and funded by the Washington State legislature, the Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner (OIC) has engaged Milliman to prepare and provide an assessment of options related to regulations regarding Medicare Supplemental (“MedSupp”) insurance in Washington. Respondents and responses will only be identifiable to Milliman, without directly identifying the respondents to the OIC, to elicit unbiased and honest answers, which will be shared in deidentified summary form with the OIC. Email Nick Ortner with any questions or call 262-796-3403.

Washington state electric utility liability insurance market survey

The Legislature has asked the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, in cooperation with the Washington Utility and Transportation Commission, to provide them and the Governor a report on the condition of Washington state electric utilities’ liability insurance issues relating to accessibility and affordability of coverage. In order to do this study, we are asking electric utility companies that service Washington state consumers to complete the survey that is linked below so we can capture their insurance related experiences.

Climate risk disclosure survey

Credit history rulemaking survey


Credit history rulemaking survey 

Climate risk disclosure survey

Adjuster continuing education rulemaking survey

Private passenger automobile data call

The following survey sample is for reference only and cannot be used to submit survey responses:


Captive insurance study

Employee count survey

Fire alarm rate discount survey

Climate risk disclosure survey

Special data call on COVID-19


Adverse notification survey

Health insurance enrollment data call 

Risk mitigation survey

Direct care

Disaster resiliency work group data call

Climate risk disclosure survey