For Producers

The CE course-approval process

We approve insurance courses and ethics courses for insurance producers. Insurance courses should help licensees build on prior insurance training and experience to achieve a higher level of insurance knowledge.

Ethics courses should address the standard of moral conduct and judgment which guide the behavior of insurance professionals in their fiduciary duties and obligations to the industry and the general public.

Approval process

CE provider forms must be submitted electronically via fax or email to the attention of "education mailbox." The Request for course- and credit-approval form below has instructions about where to submit the form.

Requests for CE course- and credit-approval (PDF, 224.03 KB) must be submitted to the commissioner at least 20 days before the first date the course is offered for credit. Please be aware that:

  • Course credit will not apply to any course offered less than 20 days from the date the application was received by the OIC.
  • Once a course is approved, the provider will receive course-approval notification via email. If the course is declined, the provider will receive notification via email.
  • Duplicate copies are unacceptable.
  • If submitted via fax, each course must be faxed separately.