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Annuity suitability training and providers

Updates to annuity suitability training in 2024

The WAC 284-17-265 Sales of Annuities - insurance producer training will be updated on January 1, 2024, to include the Best Interest Standards training. Producers who have completed the original four-hour annuity suitability training will have until June 30, 2024, to complete the new one-hour Best Interest Standards course and apply for their continuing education (CE) credit.

Training providers will no longer be able to offer the original four-hour course after January 1, 2024, and will need to reapply to offer the new WA Annuity Suitability & Best Interest four-hour course.

If you want to sell an annuity in Washington state, you'll need to:

  • Hold a producer license with the life line of authority.
  • Complete the one-time, four-hour annuity suitability course prior to selling annuity products.
  • Provide the insurance company you work with proof (a copy of your certificate) that you have completed an acceptable course.

If Washington state is not my resident state, is my home state annuity suitability training acceptable in Washington?

Washington state is reciprocal with other states that also adopted the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) annuity suitability training model. A non-resident producer may complete the Washington four-hour annuity suitability training course or their home state's four-hour annuity suitability training course. This is a one-time course, so save your course certificate for as long as you may sell annuities.

You must give your annuity suitability course certificate to the insurance company that will issue the Washington policy. The company will determine if the course you completed meets the annuity suitability training requirement for Washington.

Some states have an eight-hour annuity course that is equivalent to the NAIC annuity suitability training model and includes additional content specific to their state. If the state adopted the NAIC annuity suitability training model, their eight-hour annuity course is reciprocal. If you have a questions about the annuity suitability training requirements, contact our education analyst.

Approved providers of Washington course

The table below contains a list of approved providers for the Washington annuity suitability four-hour course. This listing is current as of January 2024.

List of approved providers



Course type, Inc.



4 Hour Self-study

AD Banker & Co



4 Hour Self-study

4 Hour Webinar

1 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Webinar




4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-Study

Bison Mountain Financial 



4 Hour Webinar

Cape School Inc



4 Hour Self-study

4 Hour Webinar



4- Hour Self-study

Fastrack CE



4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study

Intellipass Inc CE



1 Hour Self-study

Kaplan Financial Education CE



4 Hour Self-study

The National Underwriter Company



4 Hour Self-study

Noble Financial Group



4 Hour Self-study

Pass Perfect LLC


317-308-08774 Hour Self-study

Professional Training Center



4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study

Quest Continuing Education Solutions



4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study 




1 Hour Self-study

Slater All Lines Insurance School



4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study

United Insurance Educators Inc.



4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study




4 Hour Self-study

1 Hour Self-study

Suitability standards for the sale of annuities

RCW 48.23.015 requires insurers and producers selling fixed and variable annuities to confirm that the insurance product is suitable for the consumer.

Insurance companies and producers selling or replacing an annuity must make reasonable efforts to obtain a consumer's:

  • Financial status
  • Tax status
  • Investment objectives
  • Other information considered reasonable when making a recommendation to the consumer

The company and producer must keep records of any information collected and used as the basis for recommendations for five years after the sale or for five years after the annuity begins paying benefits, whichever is longer.

Keep in mind, the one-time training course is required per WAC 284-17-265.