For Producers

Become a continuing education (CE) provider

Find out how to become an approved CE provider and how to maintain CE provider status.

Become a CE provider

CE provider forms must be submitted electronically via fax or email to the attention of "education mailbox." The Request for course- and credit-approval form below has instructions about where to submit the form.

  1. Submit the CE provider application form (Word, 40KB) with your first course application.
  2. Request for course- and credit-approval form (Word, 43KB). A provider will not be approved until their first course is approved.
  3. Course documents. See course approval requirements. If you have more than one course to submit for approval, each course must be in a separate document. New courses must be submitted at least 20 days before the first offering. Do not send duplicate copies.

Once you've been approved, be sure to review our CE procedures and records page for instructions on how to maintain your provider information.