For Consumers

Legal Affairs

We protect consumers, the public interest and our state’s economy. We do so by providing fair and efficient regulation of the insurance industry through:

Strategic objectives

  • Expedite effective enforcement of agency actions
  • Promote compliance through clear and consistent interpretation of the law
  • Assist with legislative agenda
  • Respond promptly and meaningfully to public, industry and government inquiries
  • Participate effectively in agency policy development
  • Develop efficient procedures to support our agency's infrastructures


Our investigations staff protects Washington consumers by investigating complaints against the following:

  • Agents
  • Agencies
  • Unlicensed entities
  • Unauthorized entities

If a violation of Title 48 RCW or Title 284 WAC occurs, we refer the case to our attorneys. We take action by imposing fines, suspending or revoking a license. Under very rare circumstances, we may order a reimbursement payment.