For Consumers

How to perform a service of legal process

How do I serve a domestic entity?

You may serve domestic insurance companies through any agent who is authorized by that company to solicit insurance in Washington state. You can use our agent, agency and company lookup tool to find an agent in your area.

How do I serve a foreign or alien insurance company or agent/broker/producer?

Please deliver the following to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner:

  • A cover letter stating the insurer or name of who is being served and the documents that are attached (e.g., summons, complaint, case schedule).
  • Two sets of all documents for each entity or person you are serving. For example, if you are serving one insurer, submit two sets. If you are serving two insurers, submit four sets.
  • $10 check or money order per insurer or person being served, made payable to Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. If you are serving more than one insurer or person, please remit separate payment for each.

How do I deliver the service?

You can use any of the following options:

  • Certified mail, with return receipt requested
  • Registered mail
  • A person competent to serve a summons who is 18 years or older

Where do I deliver the service?

Mailing addressMessenger delivery

Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Service of Legal Process
P.O. Box 40255
Olympia, WA 98504-0255

Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Service of Legal Process
5000 Capitol Blvd.
Tumwater, WA 98501

What happens to the service of legal process once it’s delivered?

Our goal is to process each service of legal process within three business days after receiving the proper paperwork and payment. After processing, we will:

  • Send the service of legal process contact (as designated by the defendant insurer) a set of the documents and a certificate of service.
  • Send the plaintiff’s attorney a copy of the certificate of service.
  • Retain a complete set of records for three years.

How long does the defendant insurer or agent/broker/producer have to respond to the service of legal process?

The defendant insurer or agent/broker/producer has 40 days to plead, answer or otherwise defend the action. The date starts when OIC accepts the service of legal process.