For Consumers

What to do when changing homeowner policies

If your insurance company cancels or doesn’t renew your homeowner policy, they have to give you advance notice. Then, you’ll need start shopping for coverage with a new company.

Your insurer can cancel your homeowner policy, but it must provide you with a:

  • 45-day advance written notice to cancel or non-renew your policy
  • 10-day advance written notice if you didn't pay your premiums on time
  • Clear explanation of why it cancelled or non-renewed your policy

Where to find other policies to cover your home

Ask your agent to help you find other coverage. If they can't find other coverage for you, they can get you a quote through the Washington FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) Plan. It provides basic property insurance up to $1.5 million to people who can't get coverage.

What happens if I have a home loan and can't find homeowner coverage?

If you don't have homeowner insurance (which is generally required by your loan agreement), your lender can buy its own coverage to protect its investment in your house. This is typically expensive and it adds the cost to your mortgage payments. Please note, this coverage only protects your lender, not you.