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SHIBA public presentations

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SHIBA-created public presentations

Spanish version:  Medicare: Guía introductoria (PowerPoint, 4.04 MB)

Updated 1/23/24
Informs people new to Medicare about all the different Parts of Medicare, plus includes information about how health care reform affects Medicare.

Spanish version: Inscripción abierta de Medicare (PowerPoint, 1.45 MB)

Updated 1/23/24
Defines what Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans are, who is eligible, and options available to consumers.

Spanish version: Sea voluntario en SHIBA (PowerPoint, 850.50 KB)

Updated 1/23/24
This presentation is all about recruiting new SHIBA volunteers.

Updated 1/25/24
Cost savings program available to many Medicare beneficiaries

Updated 1/23/24
Information for Medicare beneficiaries on how to read an MSN and an EOB.

Spanish version: Asesores sobre los Beneficios del Seguro Médico a Nivel Estatal (SHIBA) (PowerPoint, 1,90 MB)

Updated 1/23/24
Presentation that explains how the SHIBA program can help people with their Medicare and health care coverage needs and questions.

Spanish version: Los SHIBA y la Patrulla de Medicare para Adultos Mayores (SMP) ( PowerPoint, 2.57 MB)

Updated 11/16/023Updated 1/23/24Informs consumers about how to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.

Updated 3/1/2017
Explains what long-term care is and the options available to people to pay for long-term care.

Are you smarter than a scam artist activity

This activity is designed to stimulate suspected Medicare fraud discussion, story sharing and possible referrals to the SHIBA office.
Anyone in the SHIBA network can use the “Are you smarter than a scam artist?” activity. This activity is designed for a group of 3-300 people.

SMP-created fraud public presentations

The following public presentations, created by the National Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Resource Center, are for those SHIBA sponsors that receive SMP grant funds. 

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SHIBA Zoom background (blue fade not mirror mode) (PNG, 1.09 MB)

SHIBA Zoom background (blue fade mirror mode) (PNG, 1.09 MB)