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SHIBA public presentations

Remember, when you use the following presentations, you may hide existing slides to meet the time allotted for the presentation and your audience’s needs – but you cannot create new slides or change existing content, or create a whole new slide show presentation.

SHIBA-created public presentations

Updated 1/16/2019
Informs people new to Medicare about all the different Parts of Medicare, plus includes information about how health care reform affects Medicare.

Updated 10/8/2018
Defines what Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans are, who is eligible, and options available to consumers.

Updated 2/10/2017
Cost savings program available to many Medicare beneficiaries

Updated 10/31/2018
Presentation that explains how the SHIBA program can help people with their Medicare and health care coverage needs and questions.

Updated 10/25/2017
Informs consumers about how to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.

Updated 3/1/2017
Explains what long-term care is and the options available to people to pay for long-term care.

SMP-created fraud public presentations

The following public presentations, created by the National Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Resource Center, are for those SHIBA sponsors that receive SMP grant funds. 

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