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The insurance commissioner’s work on climate risk and insurance

National and international climate work

Commissioner Kreidler chairs the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Climate Change and Global Warming Working Group ( The group’s goals include:

  • Reviewing risk-management efforts by insurers regarding the effects of climate change.
  • Investigating the use of modeling by insurers and reinsurers regarding climate-change impacts.

In 2015, the OIC:

In 2016, the OIC joined the UNEP’s Sustainable Insurance Forum (SIF), a network of insurance supervisors and regulators working together to strengthen their response to relevant sustainability challenges.

Commissioner Kreidler has spoken nationally and internationally to insurers, other insurance regulators and investment experts about climate risks to the insurance industry.

Evaluating insurers' climate risk

The OIC led a national work group that developed the guidance for other state regulators to use when they evaluate insurers’ climate change risks and investments during financial examinations.

In March 2015, several of the agency’s financial examiners and analysts participated in a practice run of the training, which will assist other states’ departments of insurance in helping insurers identify climate change risk to their business and evaluate how these factors may affect their claims and investments.

Since 2010, the OIC has partnered with other states to require insurers with a certain dollar amount of premiums to reply to a survey regarding their preparedness to address climate change risks.

A group called Ceres ( has summarized the insurers' survey responses in a report: