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You can order the publications below from the Dept. of Enterprise Services Fulfillment department unless otherwise noted. Please don't print from the linked PDFs below and distribute, unless you are only in need of one copy. We are providing this information as reference only.

SHIBA publication resources

Publication name

SHP number

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Created October 2018

November 2017

SHP 5202015 Medicare Parts A and B chart

August 2018


SHP 856

October 2019

SHP 876
Picture of Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period chart

August 2016


SHP 853Medicare preventive benefits brochure

April 2016


SHP 808Be aware! Don't be a victim of Medicare fraud brochure

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans

October 2019
Note: We combined both charts into one publication.


SHP 521Medicare Supplement plans chart

10 Standardized Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans

SHP 52110 Standardized Medicare Supplement plan chart
SHP 870
Picture of the New Medigap changes take place in 2020 fact sheet

Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D)

October 2018


Publication about Paying for prescription drugs

August 2016


SHP 771Medicare Part D Rx Plan Finder worksheet form

August 2016


SHP855Your SHIBA Medicare action plan

October 2018

October 2109

SHP 8392014 Medicare Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans

October 2019

SHP 874
Picture of publication about how Medicare PlanFinder now requires online user account

Medicare Advantage plans

2020 Medicare Advantage plans and Special Needs Plans by county

2019 Medicare Advantage plans and Special Needs Plans by county


Online onlyNo image available

September 2018


SHP 811
Thumbnail of the SHIBA publication about Medicare Advantage enrollment timelines

October 2019


SHP 809
Thumbnail of SHIBA fact sheet Medicare Advantage plans - What you need to know before you buy


May 2017


SHP 511Picture of publication cover for Health insurance options for people with disabilities

Under age 65

October 2018


Publication about Understanding your health insurance option for people under age 65

For people considered low-income

February 2019


SHP 849Picture of Get help paying for Medicare brochure

February 2019


SHP 842Free or low-cost health care coverage optoins

Medicare fraud


April 2017

SHP 800
Picture of Stop Medicare fraud fact sheet

June 2019

SHP 872
Picture of fact sheet on Watch out for scam calls!
Missing media.

Personal health care journal
March 2017

SHP 862
Picture of personal health care journal


February 2019


SHP 860picture of Medigap vs. MA plan chart

February 2019


SHP 858About us SHIBA brochure

November 2015


SHP 838Health insurance plan comparison form

Long-term care insurance

October 2015


SHP 827Long-term care options workbook

November 2015


SHP 824A consumer's guide: Long-term care insurance