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Title insurance inducements rules summary

To avoid confusion about which incentives are allowed, we’ve provided a summary of Washington’s title inducement rules. 

Please note that many of the examples use real estate agents as an example, but the rules apply to anyone who is in a position to refer business to a title company. 

For more information, read the complete rules

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Listing packages and property information 

Title companies may provide the following information about a specific piece of property free of charge

  • The last deed 
  • Current deeds of trust, mortgages and contracts 
  • A map that shows the dimensions and/or location 
  • Restrictive covenants 
  • Tax information 
  • Property characteristics, such as the size, number of rooms and year built 

Title insurance companies can only provide free title commitments. They must charge for info on deed position and encumbrances, or “home books.” They cannot contain anything that is primarily for the use of the realtor such as open house sign-in sheets. 


Title companies can only advertise themselves— not a real estate agent or a property the agent is trying to sell — and they must pay the standard rate charged to the public. Title companies also cannot coordinate to appear in ads paid for or hosted by realtors or producers. This applies to all forms of advertising, including newspapers, phone books, the Internet, social media, TV and radio.  

Title companies may give self-promotional items, such as pens and mugs, with their logos on them as long as each item costs less than $5.  

Trade associations 

Each title company may donate up to $1,000 per event, up to three total trade association events per year.  

Title companies can provide a speaker at a trade association event, as long as they comply with the rules about sponsoring an event. It will count as one of their three yearly donations if the speaker is providing a free title or escrow education course. 

Title companies can choose to add links to trade association websites, but not any website or social media page for specific businesses that employ realtors or producers. 

Business entertainment, including meals 

A title company may provide meals for real estate agents under certain circumstances.  


Title companies may provide free training on title-insurance, title-to-real-property and escrow topics. They may provide refreshments that cost a maximum of $10 per person. They can provide training on another topic as long as it is open to everyone and the attendees pay to attend. 

Title agents located in real estate offices 

Title companies may rent a workspace from a real estate agent if the arrangement is covered in a lease, the rent reflects true market value, the title company employee actually uses the space at least 30 hours each week and he or she pays proportionately for any common fees.  

Donations and memorials 

Title companies may: 

Employees of title companies can attend events hosted by charities and can choose to volunteer their time as long as they don’t violate any of the provided rules.