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Kreidler sets record straight on vaccines and life insurance

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March 18, 2021

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued a consumer alert today to set the record straight about vaccines affecting life insurance policies and payouts. 

“I encourage all people in Washington state to get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible and can find an appointment,” said Kreidler. “It is a life-saving measure for yourself and your loved ones. Rest assured that doing so will not affect your ability to qualify for life insurance or adversely affect your premiums or benefits.”

Misinformation has been circulating nationally falsely noting that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine would void a policyholder's life insurance coverage due to the rapid development of these vaccines.

A person’s vaccine status is not part of policy language nor is it a consideration when applying for a new policy. If you have questions about your specific policy, contact your insurer

“I can only imagine the anti-vaccine crowd is spreading false information about the life-saving vaccines now being given to millions of our fellow citizens each day,” Kreidler said. “The vaccines are safe and effective. People should ignore all misinformation to the contrary.”

All of the available COVID-19 vaccines have been approved both by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Western States Pact, which conducts an independent review of the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. Washington state joined the Pact, along with California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. 

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