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What if I can't find auto coverage?

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There are various reasons why people have trouble getting auto insurance. In Washington state, all drivers must have insurance.

We recommend you call a number of insurance agents to find one that might be able to offer you coverage.

Automobile Insurance Plan

  • If your driving record keeps you from getting auto coverage and you can't locate an agent to offer you coverage, then you - or the agent on your behalf - can contact the Automobile Insurance Plan.
  • This plan must offer auto insurance coverage to hard-to-insure drivers who can't get coverage. 

The state may require you to prove you have insurance

  • The Washington state Department of Licensing (DOL) may require you to keep and show valid auto liability insurance for a certain period of time. This proof is called an SR 22 form.
  • Your agent or insurance company may fill this form out for you and send it to DOL as proof that you have coverage.
  • Not all companies will file SR 22s for you. You may need to shop around for a company that will.