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Service of legal process laws

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Service of legal process laws in Washington state



RCW 1.12.060

Certified mail - Use

RCW 4.28.080(6)(7)

Summons, how served

RCW 48.02.200

When legal process against a person is served on the commission

RCW 48.05.200

Authorized foreign or alien insurers

RCW 48.05.215

Unauthorized foreign or alien insurers

RCW 48.10.170

Reciprocal insurer

RCW 48.15.150

Legal process against surplus line insurer

RCW 48.15.073 (4)

Nonresident surplus line broker

RCW 48.17.173 (9)

Nonresident insurance producer or title insurance agent

RCW 48.17.380


RCW 48.36A.350

Fraternal benefit society

RCW 48.92.040(1)(d)

Required acts - Prohibited practices (risk retention groups)

RCW 48.92.080 (3)

Purchasing groups - Notice and registration

RCW 48.94.010 (4)(b)

Reinsurance intermediary - broker or reinsurance intermediary

RCW 48.102.011(8)(a)

Life settlement providers

RCW 48.102.021(6)(a)

Life settlement brokers

RCW 48.110.030(3)

Service contract providers

RCW 48.110.055(4)

Protection product guarantee providers

RCW 48.155.020(2)(b)(xv)

Health care discount plan organizations