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Self-funded group health plans participating in the Balance Billing Protection Act

Participating plans
Health plan name Sort descending Employer/sponsor name Third Party Administrator (TPA) name Group ID# Status
Aetna Appian Corporation Appian Corporation 175148 Active
Aetna Optimas OE Solutions, LLC lana Dzhurylyuk 174965 Active
Aetna NICE Systems Inc. Michael Verdello 177050 Active
Aetna Lululemon USA Benefit Express 8780218 Active
Aetna Terrier Media Buyer, INC. DBA Cox Media Group Terrier Media Buyer, INC. DBA Cox Media Group 141889 Active
AETNA Expedia Group AETNA 14236250 Expired
Aetna Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. 666973 Active
Aetna ATS ESOP Holdings, Inc. Aetna 187139 Active
Aetna Port of Seattle Aetna 285742 Expired
Aetna Choice Point of Service II Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Aetna 885536 Active
Aetna Choice POS II The Children's Place, Inc. Aetna 0186208 Active
Aetna Choice POS II 80/60 Planned Systems International, Inc Aetna Life Insurance Company 115194-10-001 Active
Aetna Insurance Coverage Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. Aetna 839168 Active
Aetna Life Insurance Co University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Aetna Life Insurance Co 176145 Active
All Savers 21 Acres Liesl McWhorter 911-81400-00 Active
All Savers ARH & Associates Inc. AAOA / The Portfolio by Arista Point 4011240 Active
All Savers Utiligi Communications, LLC Affiliated Associations of America 908868 Active
All Savers Precision Iron Works, Inc Elaine Pellmann 5400015949 Active
All Savers Gene Johnson Plumbing Rebekah Hamon 5400-19727 Active
All Savers Lin & Associates, Inc. Arista Point 5400-006579 Active
All Savers Hardy Engineering & Manufacturing Inc All Savers 5400-021598 Active
All Savers Talisman Construction Services, Inc. Jessant T. Spencer 5400-008586 Active
All Savers SportsArt America AristaPoint 908868 Active
All Savers ADK Electric, Inc. United HealthCare Services, Inc. 5400-006132 Active
All Savers Forest Marketing Enterprises, Inc. Teresa Chambers 5400-006300 Active