For Producers

Renewing your individual license

To renew your license, you'll need to complete your renewal application and pay renewal fees online. Renewal applications are available no sooner than 90 days prior to your license-expiry date and no later than 60 calendar days following your license-expiry date.

A complimentary email reminder is sent to the registered email address on record 90, 60 and 30 days prior to your license-expiry date. No additional renewal reminders will be sent.

If a license is not renewed within the 60 days following the expiry date, a complimentary email notice is sent to the registered email address on record to notify the licensee that the license can no longer be renewed. It is the responsibility of the licensee to know their license-expiry date. Reminders from our office are merely a courtesy.

Late renewals are subject to late fees.

To renew, log into your account, select "Renew License" and complete your online renewal application.

Continuing education (CE) hours

Resident, full-lines licensees must complete the 24 credit hours of continuing education (three of which are ethics credits) in order to renew their license.

Only the hours in the “Credit Hours” column count toward your CE total. CE hours listed in the “Ethics Hours” column are included in the hours you see in the “Credit Hours” column.

CE credit is applied only to courses taken during your current renewal period. Your renewal period begins the day after your last expiry date and lasts until your next expiry date. If you took a course outside of that time period, you will not receive CE credit, even though it may be less than 24 months from your date of completion.

If you're a resident, you can find out which of your CE courses have been reported by logging into your account and selecting the menu option labeled "Individual Education History." This will provide you with a PDF document charting your CE history.

Once you've completed your CE credit hours (if you're a resident), you must still log into your account to process your renewal application and make payment in order to renew your license.

Using National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

Online renewals through NIPR are available only for non-resident licensees starting 90 days prior to their expiry date up until 10 days before their expiry date. Late renewals are not possible via the NIPR online system, and can only be processed through our state-specific site.

We submit updates to NIPR once every 24 hours. After NIPR receives updated information, it can take anywhere from 48 hours to 10 days for it to be displayed on NIPR. If more than 10 days have passed and your information is not displaying, contact us.