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Independent adjuster

"Adjuster" means any person who either investigates and negotiates settlement relative to insurance claims, or applies the factual circumstances of an insurance claim to the insurance policy provisions, or both, arising under property and casualty insurance contracts.  An appraiser or umpire functioning under the appraisal clause in an insurance contract is not deemed to be an "adjuster" for the purpose of this chapter.  See RCW 48.17.010 for the entire definition.  Washington State issues three different adjuster licenses: Crop, Independent and Public.

To obtain an independent adjuster license, complete the steps below.

  1. Meet the experience and education requirements.
  2. Schedule and pass your exam.
  3. Apply for your license online.
  4. Have your fingerprints takenNote: We do not accept fingerprints prior to receiving an application.

Have your proof of experience and exam score report ready because you'll need to attach them electronically or mail them in.