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How to reduce your auto insurance premiums

Did your insurance company raise your premiums? Here are some tips for saving money.

Shop around for lower premiums

If you have existing auto insurance, first check with your agent or company to see if they offer special discounts and talk about how much coverage you need. Premiums for the same coverage vary from company to company. You can buy insurance online without using an agent.

Make sure the company is licensed to do business in Washington state (

Find out insurance costs before you buy a car

Premiums can vary dramatically based on the type of auto you own. Before you buy an auto, check with your agent or ask the company how much it'll cost to insure it.

Consider higher deductibles

The amount of the deductible you select affects your auto premium. You may save money by raising your collision and comprehensive deductibles. Ask your agent to compare costs between plans with higher deductibles.

Do you need collision coverage?

If you have a low-value car that's paid off and you can afford to fix or replace it yourself after an accident, collision coverage (damage to your car due to colliding with another car, fence, building, etc.) may not be worth it. Liability coverage, however, is required in Washington state.

Avoid duplicate coverage

Your coverage may overlap in some areas, such as medical and collision. Ask your agent to explain your coverage and ask if you’re duplicating coverage.

Ask your agent about these common auto insurance discounts

Auto discounts

  • Airbag and automatic seat belts
  • Anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices
  • Two or more vehicles on a policy
  • Insure your home with the same company

Driver discounts