For Consumers

Choosing an insurance agent or broker

Choosing an agent or broker for your insurance needs is your choice.


  • Agents represent either specific companies or a number of companies.
  • An agent sells you the policies of the company they represent.
  • They receive commissions on their sales.


  • Brokers represent and work for you.
  • They aren’t appointed by companies.
  • Brokers survey the market and bring back options for you to review.
  • Many businesses use brokers because they can sample a broader range of available coverage and put together the best package for specific business and coverage circumstances.
  • Brokers receive commissions on their sales.
  • They must disclose their fees to you.

How to select an insurance professional

Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family about their experiences with their insurance agent or broker.

Check out potential licensed agents or brokers before you decide to buy – it’s your right. We can tell you:

  • How many complaints consumers have filed against an agent or broker
  • Whether they’ve faced disciplinary action in the past