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Approved balance billing arbitrators

The Balance Billing Protection Act directs the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to develop a list of approved arbitrators or entities that provide arbitration for balance billing disputes.

Below is the current list of approved arbitrators and organizations available to preside over a balance billing dispute.

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How balance billing arbitration works

Parties to arbitration select an arbitrator or entity from the list. If the parties cannot agree, the OIC will narrow the list to five options. If the parties still cannot reach agreement, the OIC will choose the arbitrator from the narrowed list.

Once selected, the arbitrator presides over baseball style arbitration between health care providers, facilities, and carriers.  Arbitrators determine their own compensation rates, and the parties to arbitration split the cost regardless of who prevails, unless a party defaults. 

Rules applicable to arbitration can be found in RCW 48.49 (  and WAC 284-43B.

Approved individual arbitrators

Approved individuals


Contact information

Healthcare/ medical-related experience

Other experience

Bender, John

Bender Law PLLC
1001 4th Ave Suite 4400
Seattle, WA 98154


20 years’ experience training arbitrators; 35 years’ experience as an arbitrator in civil disputes 

Garcia, Page

P.O. Box 66208
Seattle, WA 98166


Attorney since 2011; experience in collective bargaining contract negotiations/adjudication/ADR, federal and Washington state workers' compensation Labor & Industries claims and appeals

Paulich, Patrick

701 Pike St., #1400
Seattle, WA 98101


39 yrs’ experience as an insurance defense attorney with 15-20 plaintiff personal injury cases

Philip, Sasha

P.O. Box 82614
Kenmore, WA 98028
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Attorney since 2002; 5 years’ full-time dispute resolution professional, mediating and arbitrating disputes in both litigated and non pre-litigation settings

Brown, Lisa

205 SE Spokane Street Ste 300
Portland, OR 97202


Commercial arbitration panel member for the American Arbitration Association; represents providers/facilities; licensed in Oregon and Washington

Siegel, Howard

9916 Lavera Drive
Austin, TX 78726
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Texas attorney since 1993; over 10 years of arbitration experience including over 60 medical arbitrations

Dill, Jr., Terrance D.

West, Webb, Allbritton & Gentry, PC
1515 Emerald Plaza
College Station, TX 77845


Texas attorney since 1992; has served as arbitrator in health care related matters 116 times.


Ginsberg, Carl

Ginsberg ADR Group
4502 W Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX 75209

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Former state court trial judge (12 years), Texas attorney since 1995 and also licensed to practice in New York; has served in capacity as ALJ/arbitrator/judge/etc. in healthcare related matter 10 times.

Cohen, Murry

Hon. Murry Cohen
2102 Dryden Road
Houston, TX 77030




Texas Judge; Texas attorney since 1972; has served & currently serves as arbitrator in billing disputes among insurers & providers for ten years.

Stevens, Rhea

Med Arb Well, LLC
11601 Shadow Creek Pkwy, Ste 111-60
Pearland, TX 77584

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Texas attorney since 1992; has served in capacity of arbitrator/ALJ/etc. in healthcare related matter 90 times.

Clayton, Gary

Dr. Gary Clayton
5057 Keller Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX 75248

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15 years’ mediation experience in conflicts involving healthcare disputes as an Alternative Dispute Resolution professional; has served as an arbitrator in healthcare related matters over 200 times.

Huffman, Dana

Huffman Law
1143 Rockingham Ste. 107
Richardson, TX 75080

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Texas attorney since 1994. Has served as arbitrator in healthcare related matters 75 times.

St. Julien, Angela

Yes Mediate, LLC
3210 Pine Hollow Circle
Montgomery, TX 77356
(832) 427-0100

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Texas attorney.


Mayer, Sylvia

S. Mayer Law
P.O. Box 6542
Houston, TX 77265
(713) 703-3331

Visit their website (



Texas attorney since 1993. From 2014 to 2020, mediated or arbitrated over $1 billion in disputes. Has served on Texas Department of Insurance arbitrator panel since early 2020 and has conducted over 150 medical billing disputes.

Fielder, Robert

1647 Oak Ridge Drive
Corinth, TX 76210
(469) 549-4500

Visit their website (


Credentialed Texas Mediator since 2016


Approved entities that provide arbitration

Approved organizations


Contact information

American Arbitration Association

6000 Fairview Rd
Suite 1200
Charlotte, NC 28210
Visit their website (

American Health Law Association

1620 I Street NW
Washington DC 20006
Visit their website (

Pacific ADR, LLC

1400 12th Avenue SE
Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98004
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3750 Monroe Avenue
Suite 705
Pittsford, NY 14534
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