For Producers

Adjuster pre-licensing experience and education requirements

Before you can even take your adjuster exam you must meet one of the following three criteria:


Twelve consecutive months (part of which is in the current or previous year) working as a full-time, salaried insurance company or managing general agent (MGA) adjuster, verified by the insurance company or MGA in writing on business letterhead.

You will not have to take our adjuster exam.

Special education:

Successful completion of the Associate in Claims (AIC) program (

The AIC program requires you to complete a number of courses and exams to earn the designation. Contact The Institutes (American Institute for CPCU) ( for more information about the program courses and exams. 

You must still take and pass our adjuster exam.

Adjuster-trainee program:

Before you can begin an adjuster-trainee program, your supervising adjuster (employer) must fax us at 360-586-2019 or email notice to our office that you are beginning a training program with them, detailing your exact dates of employment. You must be a salaried employee during this training period.

An adjuster-trainee program must:

  • Be supervised by a resident licensed adjuster,
  • Include all loss-adjustment activities and responsibilities, and
  • Be six-to-nine months in length, totaling at least 960 hours (eight hours per day x five days per week x six months).

Your employer (supervising adjuster) must clearly document the details of your training, including:

  • The months your training was provided,
  • The topics covered, and
  • The number of hours of training you received per topic.

This documentation must be submitted with your application, after you've passed your exam.

For more information, see the state law on adjuster-trainee licensing (

Once you've completed either your experience, special-education or adjuster-trainee requirement, and have passed your exam, if applicable - you may apply for your adjuster license online.