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Adjuster license - individual non-resident

"Adjuster" means any person who either investigates and negotiates settlement relative to insurance claims, or applies the factual circumstances of an insurance claim to the insurance policy provisions, or both, arising under property and casualty insurance contracts.  An appraiser or umpire functioning under the appraisal clause in an insurance contract is not deemed to be an "adjuster" for the purpose of this chapter.  See RCW 48.17.010 for the entire definition.  Washington State issues three different adjuster licenses: Crop, Independent and Public.

Crop adjuster license

Crop adjusters act as adjusters for claims arising under crop insurance.

  1. Determine which type of crop losses you will be adjusting.
  2. Have a license in your home state or your designated home state (if your home state does not issue a crop adjuster license).
  3. Apply for your license online.

Have your current Crop adjuster proficiency program (CAPP) certification card ready. You'll need to attach it electronically or mail it in.

Independent adjuster license

Independent adjusters represent the insurer.

Apply for your license online.

State-of-emergency proclamations

Beginning July 25, 2021, an Emergency Adjuster registration is required for all non-resident independent adjusters who are not licensed in Washington State but will be working claims in this state after the Governor has declared an emergency or disaster.  The form may only be completed once the disaster has been declared and the declaration has been made public and is valid for 180 days from the date of the Governor’s declaration, not the submission date of the emergency adjuster registration form.  Should the disaster be extended by the Governor beyond the 180 limit, re-registration is required.

If a non-resident individual adjuster is filing an emergency adjuster registration form AND is representing an adjusting firm or agency, the adjusting firm or agency must also file a registration form.

It is important to note that all resident adjusters must be licensed, whether or not a disaster has been declared by the Governor.

Find out if a state of emergency has been declared by visiting the governor's proclamations Web page.

Public adjuster license

Public adjusters represent the insured.

Apply for your license online.

Have your Public Adjuster bond information ready; you'll need to attach them electronically or mail them in. Both corporate and non-affiliated individuals are required to file a Public adjuster's bond in the amount of $5,000. The amount does not change with additional affiliates. Note: The bond must be in the name of the licensee