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Volcano coverage for your home and auto

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Most homeowner and auto policies will cover you from some damage due to volcanic eruptions, but there are also exceptions. Be sure to review your policy or check with your agent.

What’s covered

Homeowner insurance:

  • Ash
  • Dust
  • Particle matter
  • Lava flow
  • Initial removal of ash, dust or particle matter from the interior or exterior of your home

If you experience several eruptions within a 72-hour period, your homeowner policy treats any damage as one loss. This means you only pay one deductible.

Flood insurance:

If your house is located in a flood plain and you have flood insurance, this policy covers any damage due to floods or mudflows.

Auto insurance:

If your car gets damaged and you have comprehensive auto coverage, consider filing a claim. But you'll have to pay any deductible.

If the damage isn't extensive or doesn’t exceed your deductible, you may want to pay for the repair costs yourself.

What’s not covered

Homeowner insurance:

  • Later ash deposits caused by wind or other means following an initial volcanic eruption
  • Earth movement
  • Landslides
  • Shock waves
  • Tremors caused by volcanic eruption

Auto insurance: 

If a volcanic eruption occurs and you don't notice the damage to your car right away, your policy may not cover it. You're still responsible for general wear and tear and you should take steps to prevent losses, such as getting your oil and air filters changed regularly.