For Consumers

Temporary prohibition of use of credit history (R 2021-07)

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner is considering rules to temporarily prohibit the use of credit history to determine premiums and eligibility for coverage in private auto, homeowner and renters insurance for three years after the public emergency concludes.

Proposed rulemaking 

Public hearing 

The purpose of the public hearing is for the agency to receive oral comment. If you choose to testify, be sure to register for the public hearing. Before the hearing begins, you will be asked to enter your name in the chat channel and called to testify in that order. Please be ready when called upon to provide your full name, address, and business affiliation (if you have any) with your comment on the rulemaking. 

Second stakeholder draft released September 7, 2021

Stakeholder draft released July 13, 2021

Notice to start rulemaking