For Consumers

Path of a complaint

Here are the steps our agency takes when we receive your complaint:

  1. After reviewing your complaint, if the OIC has jurisdiction, we will send your complaint to the insurance company and ask them to respond to us regarding your issues. If the OIC does not have jurisdiction, we will refer you to the correct agency or organization.
  2. Once the company receives the complaint, they have 15 days to respond to the OIC.
  3. After we get their response, we review it, and if needed we will ask for more information and work with the company to address resolvable issues.
  4. Once we get a final response from the company, we will provide you with an explanation of the company’s answer and our review. We will suggest steps you can take to resolve your issue if it’s outside of the OIC’s authority.
  5. Your complaint then becomes part of the company’s record with our agency. We watch companies for trends in their conduct to ensure they follow the laws.