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Self-study courses

Find out how to submit applications for self-study course approval.

Approval process

CE provider forms must be submitted electronically via fax or email to the attention of "education mailbox." The Request for course- and credit-approval form below has instructions about where to submit the form.

  1. Complete a Request for course- and credit-approval form (PDF, 224.03 KB) or the NAIC Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Course Filing form (Word, 146KB).
  2. Submit a table of contents with its word count for each chapter, section or module. If the course includes a request for ethics credit, also provide the word count for the ethics content.
  3. Submit course-study materials.
  4. Submit a sample of video content if any is included in the course. If the course includes video exceeding 50 minutes of run time and the information is intended to improve the licensee's understanding of the course material and is mandatory to complete the course, one additional credit hour will be added to the course credit total.
  5. Submit a description of the verification process to be used to confirm the licensee has completed the course study material before accessing the exam.
  6. Submit a resume of the course content developer showing education and work experience related to the course subject matter.
  7. Submit a copy of the required course final exam.

CE course requirements

  • All examination questions must be multiple choice.
  • There must be a minimum of 10 exam questions for a one-credit hour course five additional exam questions for each subsequent credit hour.
  • If the student does not pass the exam the first time, the re-take exam must not have more than 50% of the questions used on the first exam. If the second attempt to pass is unsuccessful, the exams must be alternated until the exam is passed. A course of one credit hour must have 10 exam questions. Therefore, the total exam pool must have 15 questions. A course of 24 credit hours must have 125 exam questions and a total exam pool of 188 questions.
  • Requests for approval of a CE course must be submitted to the commissioner at least 20 days before the first date the course is offered for credit. Course credit will not apply to any course offered prior to the effective date of the course.

Course credit

Student identification is required to access the course. The student must complete the course prior to accessing the examination. A score of 70% or greater to pass the exam.

NAIC self-study guideline

The credit for a self-study course is determined based on the word count of the eligible topics. If the course has ethics content, then we must have the word count for the ethics content, since we approve ethics hours separately.

For the basic level, we divide the word count by 180 then 50 (minutes) to arrive at the basic-level credit hours. We round-up at .5. For example: if the Basic level is 2.49, then the course will receive 2 credit hours. If the Basic level is 2.51, the course will receive 3 credit hours.

For intermediate level, we multiply the basic-level result, prior to rounding up, by 1.25 to arrive at the credit hours. For example: Basic level = 2.49 x 1.25 = 3.11. This is 3 credit hours.

For advanced level, we multiply the basic-level result, prior to rounding up, by 1.50 to arrive at the credit hours. For example: Basic level = 2.49 x 1.5 = 3.73. This is 4 credit hours.