For Producers

Rental-car agent - business entity resident

Rental car agents are licensed to offer, sell or solicit rental car insurance. See RCW 48.115.005 (

To apply for a rental-car agent license, submit all the following forms and materials from the lists below.


Additional materials

  • Copies of the brochure or other written materials available where car-rental insurance is sold.
  • Copies of training and education program materials.

The commissioner may waive or accept alternate arrangements for this requirement. To be considered, send a written request to:

Licensing and Education
Office of the Insurance Commissioner
P.O. Box 40255
Olympia, WA 98504-0255, or
Contact Producer Licensing and Oversight

Special requirements for corporations, LLCs and firms

For corporations and LLCs

  1. Send a copy of your Articles of Incorporation or formation.
  2. Send a Letter of Good Standing from The Secretary of State office.

For firms

File your trade name with the Business Licensing Service ( Call 360-664-1400.

Note: A firm includes a partnership or sole proprietor ship.

Fee schedule

Please make check payable to: Washington State Insurance Commissioner. You may combine all fees on one check.

License fee for two years:

  • With 49 or fewer employees: $130
  • With 50 or more employees: $375

Appointment fee: $20/each

Location fee: $35/each additional location*

*Not required if there are no endorsees due to waiver or approved alternate arrangements.