For Producers

Rental-car agent - business entity non-resident

Rental car agents are licensed to offer, sell or solicit rental car insurance. See RCW 48.115.005.

To apply for a rental-car agent license, apply online and submit all the following forms and materials:


Additional materials

  • Copies of the brochure or other written materials available where car-rental insurance is sold
  • Copies of training and education program materials

The commissioner may waive or accept alternate arrangements for this requirement. To be considered, send a written request to:

Licensing and Education
Office of the Insurance Commissioner
P.O. Box 40255
Olympia, WA 98504-0257, or
Send a message to Producer Licensing and Oversight

Note: You must keep a current list of authorized endorsees and report any changes, deletions or additions to our office within 30 days. This list must be submitted quarterly. The agency must also submit annually a certification confirming endorsees have completed the required training and no one other than those endorsees offers, sells, or solicits insurance.

Special requirements for corporations, LLCs and firms

For corporations or LLCs

  • Send a copy of your Articles of Incorporation or Formation.
  • Send a Letter of Good Standing from The Secretary of State office.

For firms

File your trade name with the Business Licensing Service. Call them at 360-705-6741.

Note: A firm includes a partnership or sole proprietorship.

Fee schedule

License fee for two years:

  • With 49 or fewer employees: $130
  • With 50 or more employees: $375

Location fee: $35/each additional location*

*Not required if there are no endorsees due to waiver or approved alternate arrangements.