For Producers

Fingerprint requirements

Washington state requires resident applicants to submit their fingerprints electronically for a background check. Non-resident applicants do not have any fingerprint requirements.

We do not issue licenses until we receive the results of the background check.


If my license won't be issued until the results of my background check are returned, how long will it take to be licensed?

Up to fifteen days. Our office generally receives background-check results in seven to ten days and then we strive to issue a license within five days of receiving all necessary application items.


Where do I go to have my fingerprints taken?

E-fingerprint services are offered at most exam centers and all IDEMIA IdentoGO centers.

This service can be scheduled to coincide with the date and location of your insurance exam(s), or you may visit an IdentoGO center ( at your convenience. There are more than 30 locations in Washington state, so there's probably a location close to you.

For more information, or to schedule fingerprint reservations at any of the available Washington state centers, please contact IdentoGO at 888-771-5097 or online (


Where do I send my completed fingerprints?

You don't have to send us anything. IdentoGO will transmit your fingerprints electronically.


How much does it cost?

$49.25. This fee reflects the combined cost of the background check fee and IDEMIA IdentoGO's additional charge for providing the service, also known as a rolling fee.