For Producers

Find your continuing education (CE) history

If you're a resident licensee, each time you take a CE course the provider has 10 business days to submit proof of completion to our office. We do not receive copies of your certificates of completion; you'll need to make sure you keep those for your own records.

The record is electronically logged into a handy report you may access at any time to find out which CE courses have been reported to us, or review what you've taken over the last few years, to avoid repeating a course. You cannot repeat a course for credit twice in the same license renewal cycle.

Before you can access your CE history report, you'll need to log into your online account.

  • If you know your user ID and password, log in.
  • If you're unsure of your user ID or password, select the link labeled, "Forgot User ID/Password?" This will reset your account and forward a new password and user ID reminder to your registered email address.
  • If you don't know, contact us via phone or email for assistance.


  • You can only access an individual education history report when you're logged into your account.
  • Individual education history reports are only available for our resident individual licensees.

Once you've logged into your account:

  1. Select the menu option labeled "Individual Education History."
  2. You will receive a prompt to open a PDF file titled "IndEduHistory.pdf."
  3. You may save the PDF file to your computer, forward it to someone via email or open the file to print a hard copy.