For Producers

Determine which type of crop losses you will be adjusting

There are three types of crop losses you may be adjusting: private-market crop insurance, federal crop insurance or a combination of both. 

Private-market crop insurance only 

Washington state residents will need to take and pass the Washington state crop-adjuster exam, once that is completed you may apply for your crop-adjuster license online

Non-residents must have a license from your resident state. If your resident state does not issue an adjuster exam or license, you must have a license from your designated home state. 

Federal crop insurance 

Obtain your Crop Adjuster Proficiency Program (CAPP) certification

This annual certification requires completion of pre-licensing education courses and the successful completion of a series of exams. 

CAPP certification courses and exams are only offered by National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS)

You will not have to take the Washington state crop-adjuster exam. 

Once you've completed CAPP certification, you may apply for your crop-adjuster license online

Private-market and federal crop insurance 

You will only need to obtain your Crop Adjuster Proficiency Program (CAPP) certification and apply for your license online. You do not have to take the Washington state crop-adjuster exam.