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Classroom courses

Find out how to submit applications for classroom-course approval.

Approval process

CE provider forms must be submitted electronically via fax or email to the attention of "education mailbox." The Request for course- and credit-approval form below has instructions about where to submit the form.

  1. Complete a request for course- and credit-approval form (PDF, 224.03 KB) or the NAIC uniform continuing education reciprocity course filing form (Word, 146KB).
  2. Submit a timed topic outline (this outline should be detailed with a breakdown of the number of minutes of instruction per topic included in the outline).
  3. Submit an instructor resume (if known at the time of submission of the course approval).
  4. Submit a sample of the attendance register form to be used.

Use instructors who are competent to teach and have work experience and education in the topic(s) of instruction. Although the OIC does not approve instructors, we can decline a CE course if the instructor is not qualified. Instructor resumes should be kept in the providers' CE file and must be available upon request.

Requests for approval of a CE course must be received by the OIC at least 20 days before the first date the course is offered for credit. Course credit will not apply to any presentation preceding the course effective date. A course cannot be advertised until approved.

Course credit requirements

  • There must be an attendance register, controlled by the instructor or the monitor assigned by the provider.
  • A monitor is required in addition to the instructor if the classroom exceeds 20 attendees.
  • Attendees must show government-issued photo identification and sign the attendance register, making sure to indicate their arrival and departure times to verify completion.
  • Attendees must attend the entire presentation.
  • If an attendee arrives more than 10 minutes after the start of the presentation, the attendee cannot receive CE credit and should not be allowed to sign the register.
  • Verification of attendance cannot be accepted by phone or computer.
  • Each 50 minutes of classroom time equals one credit hour.
  • The presentation is considered the amount of time devoted to the actual course instruction and does not include breaks, the review of class rules and the introduction of speakers.

Conference-course approvals

In addition to the classroom-course credit requirements specified above, there are additional guidelines for conferences, based either on an individual session or on a track of continuous sessions.

Course approval for an individual session

A session that is approved for CE credit will be assigned a course number. The approved session requires an attendance register in the classroom to be signed by attendees. A roster will be submitted for the individual session. A certificate will be issued to each attendee for the individual session.

Course approval for a track of continuous sessions

A track that is approved for CE credit will be assigned a course number. The licensees must attend all sessions/classes in the track to receive CE credit. The attendees must be in the classroom for the entire presentation in each session of the track. We only allow an attendee to be up to 10 minutes late at the beginning of a course to receive CE credit.

One attendance register can be used for the entire track if electronic monitoring is used for each session. If the track is two or more days, then a separate attendance register is needed for each day. Attendees will write their signature on an attendance register in the morning and are issued a magnetic card. As they arrive at each session, they scan the card to show their arrival time. Attendees will also scan their card when they leave the session. At the end of the day, attendees will initial the attendance register and return their card.

If electronic monitoring is not used, attendees must sign an attendance register in each classroom.

Only one roster will be submitted for the track. A certificate will be issued to each attendee that completed the track.

To approve a track, all sessions in the track must be eligible for CE credit. If some sessions do not qualify, the track must be modified or the eligible sessions have to be submitted as separate courses as indicated above for an individual session.
Several variations of tracks can be approved as courses. Two or more tracks can include the same session.

Attendance records

The attendance register(s) must show each attendee’s arrival time with signature and departure time with signed initials. The instructor or monitor must sign the attendance register.

If electronic monitoring is used, the attendance record also includes the electronic monitoring report showing the arrival time and departure time of each attendee for each session.

Identify the following in the heading of the attendance register and in the electronic monitoring report:

  • Approved course title
  • Course number
  • Name of the session
  • Date and time of the session