For Consumers

About the contracting process

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) complies with Enterprise Services Policy No. POL-DES-090-06 on Supplier Diversity. The executive leader assigned to increasing the agency’s spending with small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses is the OIC's Operations Division Deputy Commissioner Nabila Gomes. You can contact our OIC Supplier Diversity Executive Leader Nabila with any questions about OIC's compliance with the policy.

Procurement forecast

OIC forecasts known procurement needs on an annual basis. The forecasted needs include competitive procurements, anticipated sole source procurements, procurements that contain a statement of work, and non-competitive procurements with value over twenty thousand dollars for direct buy and client service contracts. The 2023-2024 procurement forecast is provided below.

When are procurements issued?

We issue procurements when a purchase exceeds the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC)'s direct buy limit of $30,000. The buy limit increases to $40,000 if it is from a small business as defined by RCW 39.26.010(22); or from a certified veteran-owned business.

How do I learn about available procurements?

Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) ( is the official notification tool used by state agencies for all competitive procurements. We encourage vendors to register with WEBS to ensure they receive notices of any updates to contracting opportunities.

Visit our website to view current contracting opportunities.

How do I respond to a procurement?

  1. Download the procurements document(s) using Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) ( Doing so will ensure notification of any amendments to the procurement. Vendors are responsible for checking WEBS for updates to the procurement.
  2. Ensure you read and understand the procurement document(s).
  3. Contact the procurement coordinator listed in the document if you have any questions.
  4. Submit questions by the due date listed in the document.
  5. Attend pre-proposal conferences, if held.
  6. Follow the instructions in the proposal when answering the procurement. This helps you make sure you haven't missed anything and helps our scoring team review your proposal.
  7. Include all required attachments and signatures where required.

How is the successful vendor selected?

  • A scoring team of at least three people will review the responses received and score them against the criteria in the procurement.
  • Follow-up or clarifying questions may be sent to vendors if needed.
  • The vendor that is most responsive to the criteria, as determined by the scoring formula, will be the successful vendor.
  • All vendors who submit responses will receive notification of the successful vendor.
  • Scoring will be available on our website after the successful vendor is announced. Additionally, all bids are available for public review at that time.