For Consumers

What is life insurance?

It’s a contract between the life insurance policyholder and the insurance company. When the policyholder passes away, the insurance company promises to pay the policyholder’s designated beneficiaries a sum of money.

What to do if you get turned down for life insurance

Shop around. Companies use different methods and factors to decide who they'll insure. If available, consider a group plan - some don't require a medical exam.

Reasons insurance companies can't turn you down

They can't refuse coverage based on your:

  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Living organ donor status

What you need to know if you're a living organ donor or considering becoming one

The Living Donor Act ( prohibits insurance companies from declining or limiting coverage because you're a living organ donor.

Insurance companies cannot:

  • Prevent you from donating all or part of an organ as a condition to buy or continue to keep a policy.
  • Discriminate against you when offering or issuing, or cancelling a policy solely based on your status as a living organ donor.
  • Charge you more for your policy or change the amount of your coverage due to your status as living organ donor.