For Producers

Webinar courses

Find out how to submit applications for webinar course approval.

Approval process

CE provider forms must be submitted electronically via fax or email to the attention of "education mailbox." The Request for course- and credit-approval form below has instructions about where to submit the form.

  • Complete a Request for course- and credit-approval form (PDF, 224.03 KB) or the NAIC Uniform CE Reciprocity Course Filing Form (Word, 146KB).
  • Submit a detailed course outline, including a list of topics to be covered and an estimate of the time to be spent on each topic, Video presentation slides are not accepted in lieu of the detailed course outline.
  • Submit an instructor resume; (if known at the time of submission of the course approval).
  • Submit polling questions or verification codes; two for each credit hour of the course.
  • Submit a description of the process for monitoring and verifying attendance.
  • Submit a sample of the document to be used to record attendance and participation of each attendee.

Course credit requirements

  • Attendance is monitored electronically and validated based on personally-identifiable information including user name, password and email.
  • Attendees must attend the entire presentation. If an attendee logs in more than 10 minutes after the start of the presentation, the attendee cannot receive CE credit.
  • Credit for a webinar course is based on attendance and activity, not examination.
  • Attendee participation in interactive exercises is required. Inactivity and minimizing their screen is an indication of non-participation.
  • A minimum of two polling questions or verification codes are required each hour.
  • The attendee has three minutes to respond to polling questions or verification codes.
  • Each 50 minutes of classroom time equals one credit hour.
  • A monitor is required, in addition to the instructor, if the number of attendees exceeds five (5).
  • The presentation is considered the amount of time devoted to the actual course instruction and does not include breaks, the review of class rules and the introduction of speakers.

For more information about webinars, review WAC 284-17-272 (3).