For Producers

Specialty producer - portable electronics - business entity non-resident

Licensed specialty producer agents are allowed to sell insurance covering communications equipment to individuals, groups or corporations. See RCW 48.120.005 (

Submit all of the following forms and materials from the lists below.


Uniform application for business-entity insurance license. Request form via email.

Special instructions for the uniform application

  1. At the top of the "Jurisdiction and Type of License/Registration Request - Limited Lines of Authority" page, there is a key for abbreviations in the grid.
  2. Just below these abbreviations, the following categories are listed: Legal Business Type, License/Registration Type and Lines of Authority.
  3. Find the WA grid line in the "Jurisdiction" column.
  4. In the "Limited Lines of Authority" section, on the "WA" grid line, please write "Specialty producer" in the "Other" column.

Uniform appointment form. Request form via email.

Affiliation form. (Agency must affiliate one licensed individual.) Request form via email.

Additional materials

Please send us:

  • A list of locations that intend to offer communications equipment insurance
  • Copies of available brochures or other written materials where communication equipment insurance is sold
  • Copies of training-and-education-program materials
  • Documents certifying that the policy or certificate of coverage and rates have been approved by us

For corporations or LLCs

Send a copy of your articles of incorporation or formation.

For firms

Please submit a copy of your registration with the Business Licensing Service (

Note: A firm includes a partnership or sole proprietorship.

Fee schedule

Please make check payable to: Washington State Insurance Commissioner. You may combine all fees on one check.

  • License fee: $500
  • Appointment fee: $20 each
  • Affiliation fee: $20