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Request for list of individuals

Requesting a list of individuals

You must fill out a commercial use declaration (Word, 55.97 KB) if you are requesting a list of individuals. You will be able to upload the declaration when you submit your record request form.

The Public Records Act prohibits state agencies from providing “lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes.” To follow RCW 42.56.070(8) (, you must state the intended purpose if a list of individuals is requested.

Activity by any type of business to generate revenue or financial benefit is considered commercial purpose. 

Examples of purposes that are commercial in nature:

  • To recruit new agents
  • To spread awareness of our industry-leading insurance solutions
  • To offer our product to agents so they can better serve their clients

Once received, we review your declaration and make a decision on releasing the information.

You may find helpful information on our online database which allows searches to be performed for agents, agencies and companies (

Education providers:

An exception to this law exists for education providers requesting lists of license applicants or professional licensees. If you are a pre-licensing or a continuing education provider, please contact our Education Analyst at 360-725-7144.